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  • Кроссовки для паркура от фирмы Puma

    Паркур набирает всё большую популярность ,
    хорошо это или плохо пока непонятно ...

    вот уже собираются выпустить очередные
    кроссовки для паркура , напомню
    что обувь
    для паркура выпускают уже такие фирмы как :
    Bont , K-Swiss , Reebok , а теперь ещё и Puma .

    Я думаю текст переводить не стоит , по картинками и так много понятно ... :

    Project overview:
    This parkour project was very
    challenging for several reasons.
    One of
    the main reasons was that I knew very
    little about this sport, who did
    it , or where they did it!
    You may be asking yourself the very same
    I had seen tidbits of it on the Nike commercials,
    Foucan's brief appearance at the beginning
    of the Casino Royale, and a
    short blurb in a trend meeting
    I had attended for work. I can say that
    I had seen definitely intrigued me, and to my
    knowledge, very
    little existed in the footwear
    world that catered to this activity.

    So first and foremost I had to seek out somebody
    could tell me the "who, what, when, where, why and how"
    of parkour
    (also called free running, depending
    on who you ask...it's a long
    story). With a little
    asking around, I met the acquaintance of fellow a

    sneaker head from Australia named Ista. He was
    instrumental in giving
    me the in's and outs of free
    running and especially the performance
    needs of
    serious practicers.

    In the end, I spent around 2 months
    worth of nights and
    a few scattered weekends hashing out the final
    Hopefully, the work will tell you the rest of what you need

    Don't forget, right click and select "view" to see
    the full-sized images.

    The origins of parkour are rooted in Asian
    philosophies and practicing
    is a way of learning
    about yourself, overcoming obstacles and being
    with the
    world around you. This led me to researching
    more about these
    philosophies and cultures.
    As a result, the Puma Xuvia (the term for a

    spiders molted exoskeleton which ties into the
    durability and
    recycle-ability of the shoe) features
    a split toe inspired by the Tabi
    boots ninjas have
    adorned for centuries. This construction not only

    aids in increasing balance and agility (i.e. when
    climbing a fence or
    wall), but also provides similar
     benefits to acupuncture. The free
    resemblance to real-life Spidermen brought
    meaning to the
    spider inspiration. The color-popped
    protective rubber in the front is
    an obvious
    reference to the wolf
    spider's fangs, but many other cues
    implemented throughout my research of spiders.
    Note the 4 wrapping
    straps on each shoe,
    cross-hatched low profile traction resembling the

    body hair, EVA abdomen-like formation under the
    heel, and cocoon-like
    upper that wraps the foot.

    Many times I like to take
    technologies that are
    under development and implement them into my

    designs to show what we might actually be wearing
    in 10-15 years.
    Believe-it-or-not, scientists in many
    fields are currently devising a
    way to spin spider silks
    that could be used to create products far
    superior to
    the ones we use today. In fact, dragline silk is lighter
    and up to 10x stronger than Kevlar! The entire upper of
    the Xuvia is made of this "Biosteel"
    (a synthetic
    replication of dragline silk, spun into a fabric) to

    provide the ultimate in lightweight durability.
    This material is also
    recyclable and produces
    no pollution to manufacture: a key selling
    point for
    people who use the Earth as their playground!

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